We provide virtual office and staffing services. Whether your looking to hire extra secretarial staff, we provide a virtual environment of transcribers, data encryption, data entry, audio transcribing for legal, medical, property valuation, engineers, property inspectors, quantity surveyors, building surveyors, quantitative analysts and any professional job that requires a presentation of a written summary or report.

Our reliable and professional team of office staff will prepare jobs, type and turnaround the job within a short period of time.

No matter if its a valuation report, engineering report etc we can have the job done and therefore saving you costs of employing typists, superannuation of staff and all the problems associated with employing, hiring and firing staff.

We generally charge our fees on a per job basis and therefore you can be assured of your costs per job.

Our service level agreements ensure that you have a bench mark to making sure the job is done quickly, consistently and reliably within your set standards of work for your client customers.